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Typical Things Found In A Garage Storage

Garages have always been used for many things besides parking the car. People use it to store a lot of stuff which they may need in future besides the bikes and lawnmowers and extra cardboard boxes. People who like their stuff organized go that extra mile and invest in cabinets and shelfs for various classes of items and stack them accordingly. Some even revamp the look of their garage by redoing the flooring and giving it a new look. But a vast majority of people just dump their stuff pretty haphazardly.

Given below is a list of some of the most common things found in almost all garages. In several cases the cars are left to withstand the vagaries of the elements while the garage space is utilized completely for storing excess stuff collected over years.

Things that every garage typically has

  1. Claw Hammer: Be it to remove a nail or put a nail to hang a few decorative items you collected last summer, you need this immensely useful tool which if unwisely used can turn fatal too.1399318382ka1h8
  2. Wrench: Today most of the repairs are DIY and the wrench is one such tool without which no household can exist. It is required to loosen the stubborn bolts during any repair work of any sort, be it tightening the cycle bolts or unscrewing the bolts of the kitchen sink.
  3. Old Paint Cans: You often take immense pleasure in coloring your room or your kid’s room and buy paint cans. So that you don’t fall short of the same shade of paint you tend to buy a few extra cans of paint which if unused are relegated to the garage. And along with the paint, the paint brushes, turpentine and other related stuff too are kept here.
  4. A Ladder:
    For changing light bulbs, sticking decorations during Christmas, birthday and other special occasions and for reaching high cupboard shelves you need a ladder and this ladder is stored in the garage. It is very common for people to have even two ladders and keep them in the garage.file4391279907090
  5. A Garden Hose: Red, orange, yellow, green or purple colored hoses neatly coiled and put away is another common sight in a garage. The garage is the ideal place because it is easily reachable when you want to wash your car, water the plants or connect it to the sprinkler.
  6. Garbage Cans: The most important part of a household the garbage cans are a must in every garage and you can’t grudge them their space.
  7. Car Accessories: All accessories required for your vehicle are always present in the garage. It is common sight to see cans of motor oil, car fresheners, heavy duty cleaning liquids ,extra battery, spare tires, gas cans, glass cleaners etc.
  8. Work Gloves: A common sight in almost all garages is a pair of work gloves which can be worn while cleaning, doing repair work or gardening.
  9. Toolbox: A toolbox containing screw drivers, duct tapes, pliers, tape for measurements, glue, nails, nuts, bolts and many other such essentials required to carry out minor repairs around the house. Nails and screws can also be found by themselves in small glass jars and plastic containers too.
  10. Empty Flower Pots: Pots that are new and are waiting for their chance and pots in which the plants have breathed their last and are waiting for new plants find a spot in the garage alongside the rake, hedge trimmers, fertilizer cans.
  11. Sports kits: Isn’t it easy to pick up a golf kit or your tennis racket from the garage and drive away. Several people have a basketball hoop installed to play indoors probably during inclement weather.
  12. Flashlight: Another essential tool required during power outage.
  13. Wooden boards: Wooden pegs and used in carpentry work.
  14. Patio umbrella: If you are the kind who enjoys the arm weather and like relaxing in the late evening basking in the rays of the setting sun you must be owning patio umbrellas and lawn chairs which must be stored in the garage till the time is right to use them.

Besides all the above items you tend to keep unused furniture, old buckets, worn out shoes, fishing equipment, dustpans and old newspapers too in the garage.

It is good to use the garage for storing all unused and unwanted stuff which may find need in the future but how you keep these things matters. There are several methods of organizing the garage stuff to ensure that you have enough moving space in the garage. Racks, storage baskets, workshop cabinets, pegboard hooks and pegboards, slatwall and slatwall inserts can all be put to good use to arrange and organize your garage into a comfortable zone in your household.